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Love Life Music Video

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Music Video Overview

Love life. It’s sums up the message of Con Bro Chill. To us, “Love Life” means getting rad, getting goofy, and getting wild with your buds. Doing all the things that make you happy. We want to take this concept and apply it to a OK GO styled one continuous shot video, mash it with chaotic Jackass antics, and drench it with the charm and outrageousness of the Con Bro Chill brand to create a purely glorious slow motion eye candy masterpiece.

The format will be a chase. It will open with Con running from something we never get to see.  As the camera tracks Con (never cutting) Con bursts through a randomly placed wall into a room where the rest of the band is sitting playing their instruments. Once Con busts through the wall everyone takes off running from this unknown threat and begin their journey running into various random, outrageous, and hilarious obstacles that gradually escalate in their grandiosity. Anything that looks clever or funny in slow motion will fill the frame from the background to foreground of the camera. Imagine taking elements of the Color Run, Mad Max, American Gladiators, Wipe Out, and America’s funniest home video. This is the world we want to create. A chase that grows more and more dangerous and ridiculous as they move down the screen.

It’s gonna be fun.



The 4 band members will be featured but this will require around 50 extras that will all have individual responsibilities. We will ask our fans, the Neon Army, to come out and be apart of this ridiculous spectacle. Everyone will be dressed up in either Neon 80’s attire like they do at our concerts or a specific costume related to their scenarios they will be playing during the race (i.e. matador, a cheer leading squad, girls in bikinis sun bathing, full marching band, rad 80’s skateboarders, a couple streakers, etc.)


Visual Style

We will shoot this on a Steadicam. The camera will have a choreographed path covering the race from the side and some points moving in front of us to get our facial reactions. All this happens in a 35 second sprint of chaos and then slowed to 10% the speed to match the song’s actual length. There will be occasional speed ramps to aid in the pace and excitement of the video. We think this should be shot during the daytime closer to golden hour or early in the morning. We think “Love Life” has a daytime feel to it. There is however an option to rent humungous HMI lights and film at night to give it a more dramatic effect. The location needs to be an open space. We were thinking an open field with an ambiguous backdrop would be ideal. To make the background more interesting we would use smoke, fireworks, explosions, spraying water, back light etc. to make it more interesting and less “Open field” looking.



We tested with the FS700 with an external recorder that can record at 240 FPS (plenty slow for what we are trying to do) on a 16mm lens in RAW. We will need the wide angel and deep depth of field to capture all the action and have nothing go out of focus. The Red Epic is another candidate if we find a need to shoot at a higher resolution such as 4K in order to have more flexibility in post. Both of these camera’s are beasts, however, and would capture equally stunning imagery — all in epic slow motion.


Script Overview

We see this as a highly choreographed series of chaos happening as the band runs from trouble. This is as much about the band escaping from the unknown as it is the funny things going on in the background. There is a large amount of room for ideas that could work in this race of dreams and our list below is by no means the be all end all of this project. This is what we have come up with to catch the eye of the audience so far and are up for more incredibleness. This race will be layered very thick with activity so imagine each one of these scenarios going on as others are going on as well. The band members will definitely split up and take different paths along the race.

-The opening shot we see Con running frantically and as we pan out we see he’s running right for a wall. He bursts through the wall and we see the rest of the band members.

-We start moving the camera and a funny blow up fat orange man tells them to get going (See video). he waves the flag and the band bursts into an all out sprint.

-Sam hits a gymnastics spring board and front flips onto a large trampoline to break his fall

-Steve breaks through a pee wee football team who thinks they are running a kick off

-Ty Breaks through 8 large exercise balls being thrown at him at once

-People in the background have giant climb in balloons around their neck bobbing up and down

-The band than stops their racing to a man sleeping in a big bed and they lift up the mattress and throw him in the air waking him from his sleep.

-As that’s happening we see girls in pajamas having a pillow fight with feathers flying everywhere

-As the feathers float in the air we see a guy who had just been tarred, feather himself as he runs through the pillow fight

-The band takes off in their own directions. Sam and Ty dodge a matador toying with them

-steve sprints and stops at a dinner table says his prayers and flips the table towards the camera

-Con runs up a another wall sticking out of the ground and does his signature backflip off the wall

-In the background we see an oversized jump rope with a man in a rubber ducky costume and he throws 100 rubber ducky’s (we have them) towards the camera (slow motion eye candy).

-Members of the band, but with Humungous paper maché heads pass the band as they are racing and the members look at these heads with confusion and curiosity (See video for head example)

-Ty does a jean Claud Van Damme kick into a bad guy and knocks him over and does the classic JCVD YELLLLLLLL of triumph

-In the background we see leaf blowers blowing toilet paper rolls into the air in radical streams of white.

-Another guy goes crazy with a classic TNT handle blast system and blows up some dolls filled with color powder.

-The band sprints by a long line of Fountain Shower Fireworks and a man Spinning a fire spark steel wool  thing. (trust me its rad).

-A homecoming Cheer leading squad holds a huge piece of paper that says LOVE LIFE and we rip through it like a Football team.

-Ty and steve sprint by the camera up onto a ladder and Jump into a crowd surf with 20 people waiting to catch them and move them to the other side

-Sam and Con run by a station set up with Mentos and Diet Coke bottles exploding in unison in the air.

-A kid is struggling and drowning in a kiddie pool and thrown into the air is a lifeguard floatie. Con Catches it and picks the kid up and saves his life and carries him out of the pool on his shoulders.

-Huge Water balloons and small ballons come flying through the air pelting the guys

-As they clear the wet mess we enter into the hindu paint throwing (color run). People come running into screen like dust storms of colorful paint streaming from their body (See video for example). It’s a colorful mess of beauty and joy. the band run through them to get to the finish line getting covered in the chaos.

-The band does a Super sweet Jump High Five as confetti cannons go off because we’re all freaking winners and the camera pulls back to reveal the chaos they have left behind and to help prove that this shot was in actuality all in one take.

Delivery and Usage

We want to take our delivery to the masses to the next level. We’ve made 10 big music videos w/ an average of 586,000 views per vid (the highest being 1.2 million views and the lowest being 300,000 views). We use our social media outlets and some general media outlets to promote but these views have all been mostly organic. We are looking for partners to help us take this radness to the masses and reach the eye balls we think these videos and ideas deserve. We think sharing media channels as well as putting some money publicity that gets this video into the hands of trendsetters all over the internet is the goal. After that the video should speak for itself but we love to light a fire under our videos out of the gate.

We think this video has an overwhelmingly positive and fun message behind it and we can’t wait to go after it! Thanks for taking the time to here out our ideas and we hope to rock the world with you!

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