Connor Martin

Once upon a bru, Connor Martin was born in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Well, he was born in whatever hospital is nearest to that sleepy village, but that’s hardly the point. The point is he was born and we are all better off for it. In high school Martin found his two passions: music and lacrosse; picking up a lax twig and tickling his first ivories practically on the same day.

Martin made it through high school with ne’er a whisker and a couple state champ trophies, moving on to the much shinier world of higher education at Chapman University. There, Martin the lacrosse player was forged from a lump of cherry tomato into a pile of rippin’ cheddar. While at Chapman, Martin was twice awarded MCLA Player of the Year, among a laundry list of other accolades, riding that notoriety into a cushy internship working lacrosse camps in the Northern West.

That internship would see the creation of the absurdist beast himself: Con Bro Chill. In an effort to advertise his presence at lacrosse camps across the Nor Wester, Martin, and his partner in crime Sam, created a caricature of a lax bro who would announce to the world his “Search for Flow”. The response to Con Bro Chill was immediate and polarized.

Amongst the ballyhoo the brothers Martin sensed they had created something unique, so, in Con’s words, “We just went with it.” During the explosion of Con Bro Chill, Martin was drafted into Major League Lacrosse further cementing his presence in the lacrosse community. Martin now enters his 5th year as a Professional Lacrosse player where he plays in Ohio. The man has pulled off an absurd balancing act of remaining a pro athlete, while touring/rocking out w/ the band, attempting to write tasty jams, and making epic music videos.

Now Con Bro Chill has grown from a goofy lax brufus to neon-lazer beam of a band, not just one idiot, but four. Con remains the face of an ever-expanding cross-media, cross-pollinating, cross-checking force, and will see his vision of a planet united under the Neon Army’s banner come to fruition (unless the planet has something else going on and likes different kinds of music, in which case he respects that, no pressure).

“The thumbs up is already the universal symbol of positivity, but we want to take it to the next level, making it the universal symbol for hanging out and feeling pretty good about ourselves and each other.” – Connor Martin


Sam Martin

If you wanted to blame Con Bro Chill on anyone, that person would be Sam.

The older brother and visionary catalyst to Con, Sam’s love of music and undeniable skill in film production are the genesis of what CBC has become. A some time attendee of Berkelee College of Music in Boston, Sam has co-directed every CBC video and has been a writer and producer on every CBC song.

The man has bended the talents and unpolished energies of the rest of the band into some semblance of a finished product. Con may be the face of the band, but we all know our secret weapon is in our angelic voiced mad scientist, Sam.

While working with Con, Sam continued, and continues, to produce his own material, having released three solo albums, numerous films, and worked with artists as varied as Maroon 5, David Guetta, Ziggy Marley, T.I., Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, Jason Derulo, Flo Rida, Max Martin, Guy Sebastion, Sultan + Ned Sheperd, No Doubt, and Rihanna.

Sam has yet to find himself a hobby, but, with luck, you may find him lounging in the indoor pool of his Washington apartment building, because its cold in Washington and the pool room is pretty warm.


Steve Felts

Steve has often described himself as a “real master of doing robot high fives.” A self styled “doer of deeds” and exceptional hedonist, Steve grew up in medium sized town called Moorpark in a little used corner of Ventura County, California.

A lax rat and a musician, Felts was perfectly placed as he entered the halls of Chapman University to accomplish looking really good with a mohawk and not much else. Steve had the tremendous good fortune of being arbitrarily placed in the same freshman dorm room as Connor Martin, who, in spite of being a jock and a wuss-bag, totally bonded with Steve from their first meeting. Steve went on to literally live in the same room as Con for the next four years, joining in on the Con Bro Chill rocket-powered entertainment machine from the very beginning.

Genghis Flow and Mudfoot later, Steve’s in the band, teaming with Ty Andre to bring unprecedented energy to the Con Bro Chill live experience and picking up a guitar or bass whenever it’s required. Outside of CBC Steve enjoys writing bios for websites and death metal.


Ty Andre

Ty Andre, actor, artist, auteur, Packer fan. What began as a story of childhood friendship with both Martins blossomed into a working relationship that exists somewhere between symbiosis and indentured servitude.

Andre, who graduated from Pacific University with a degree in the Studio Arts, has been an unceasing wellspring of creative energy and raw talent for as long as he cares to remember. A consummate (some say brilliant) performer, Andre was a natural, inevitable choice for the band. He has single handedly conceived and produced the vibrant, kinetic art style that Con Bro Chill is known for and will, someday, when he finally (finally) gets his business cards made, he will, almost certainly (and warranted), put art director underneath his name. Probably.

Outside of his involvement in Con Bro Chill, Andre has spent time being exceptionally good looking as a model and exceptionally funny as an actor. Also, in 2008 he received the honor for Best In League, which we are very proud of. If prompted he will show you a picture of the award. Just ask.


Joy Martin

Joy, she may have the pipes of an angel, but be weary, she will melt your face right off if you get too close.

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